After winning the 2006 International Emmy Award for his film “knowldge is the beggining”, director Paul Smaczny is now filming the new documentary that features ‘El Sistema’ in Venezuela.

El Sistema is a powerful documentary that follows three kids in Venezuela as they are given the opportunity to participate in a program called El Sistema. The film details how this experience changed their lives and the lives of those around them for the better. This movie has been lauded by critics, and it is worth watching for anyone who wants to see an inspiring story about change. Set aside some time on your schedule to watch El Sistema when you can!

What is el sistema venezuela

You might be asking what is El Sistema venezuela? Well, it is a music education program that operates in Venezuela. The film takes a close look at the benefits and challenges of this system, with an emphasis on how it has made such positive impacts in people’s lives.

The movie also includes interviews.

Where to watch el sistema

If you are interested in watching El Sistema, then look for it on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Why you should watch el sistema

One review of the movie is by Derek Bonner, who wrote about his experience as a student with El Sistema Venezuela. He said that “What I received from my time in this program was not just music skills; it gave me confidence and leadership qualities.”

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